You're Three Times More Likely to Be Tall if You're One of the Smartest Men, According to New Research from Size Graf


New research conducted by Size Graf sheds light on the relationship between height and great intelligence. The results show that being one of the smartest people significantly increases the probability of being tall.

 There are some studies out there that show there is a weak correlation between height and intelligence. To gain more concrete insights, Size Graf has performed comprehensive research to find out whether the smartest men are more likely to be tall or not. The research findings revealed that you're almost three times more likely to be tall if you are a very clever man.

A whopping 43% of the smartest men in the 20th century are 6' (183 cm) or taller, while that number is only 15% for the general men's population. This implies almost three times more chance for a man from the smartest group to be tall.

Additionally, only 9% of the most intelligent men are shorter than 5' 7" (170 cm) while that percentage is about 23% for the general population.

"We wanted to know for certain whether the smartest people are actually more likely to be tall and by how much," says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Size Graf. "And that was indeed the case, if you're one of the smartest men, you're almost three times more likely to be tall which is universally understood as having a height of 183 cm (6') or more."

To read the full details of the research and learn more about the relationship between height and great intelligence, check out the following link:

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